Main Benefits of Training on Trampoline

Many people might look at someone trampolining and wonder what the excitement is about. But the truth is, trampolines and mini trampolines are great for physical fitness, both for children and adults, as well as for influencing balance and stamina, in most cases without even realizing all the benefits trampolines have to offer.

Who is using them?

Trampolines are used regularly by athletes who skate, dance, dive, or do gymnastics. That’s because bouncing on a trampoline takes more than just the effort of jumping up and down. It takes coordination to achieve consistent height, balanced landings, and the ability to perform complex maneuvers without injury.

These athletes learn to tone skills important for their own sports, all by using the mechanics of the trampoline. This can include techniques like turns, flips, and splits. Most gymnasts use trampolines at some point, for all the benefits listed below!

Children who learn how to use a trampoline properly gain a new sense of freedom, and the thrill of soaring into the air. A few lessons can go a long way towards giving them a sense of achievement and self-confidence, especially if they have tried other, more difficult sports and had not been successful.

Adults can benefit from either full-size backyard trampolines or the smaller ones known as “rebounder” or „mini trampolines“, designed to be used indoors. Not only does the gentle activity of bouncing on a trampoline strengthens voluntary and involuntary muscles, but it helps bones become stronger and stay denser.

TOP 10 Trampoline Benefits

Did you know that exercising on a trampoline is 69% more efficient than jogging!!?

Even NASA was doing research which exercise is the best and most complete for NASA astronaut training and guess what their conclusion was, let me quote it:

The most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man.

It is a highly efficient, probably the most complete type of exercise one can choose, and it’s safe & easy to get started. Jumping is considered being non-impact cardio training, where you get cardio from an elliptical machine with the calorie-burning intensity of a treadmill. When those methods combine, you’ll see results sooner than later. 

jumping on trampoline provides human body with numerous benefits

  • Improves blood circulation, the capacity of lungs and heart

When you are jumping on a trampoline there is no such strong impact on your feet and legs in general, not as much as while jogging or attending fitness classes. As the surface is softer, your legs don’t suffer as much, and therefore there is no “blood pooling” (when blood in blood vessels expands during a workout, making it a bit more difficult to return to the heart from the legs).

  • Boosts the lymphatic and immune system

Lymphatic system? Well, it’s a network of lymphatic vessels, tissues, and organs within our bodies, part of the circulatory and immune system. The main task of the lymphatic system is to help in getting rid of waste, toxins, and any other unwanted materials, by carrying a fluid called lymph towards the heart and throughout the body. Lymphatic flow relies entirely on body movement, so bouncing on a trampoline causes 15 times increased lymph flow.

  • Lowers cholesterol levels

Cardio workout activities strengthen the heart muscle and over time, it will take less work to pump blood throughout the body, improving oxygen consumption and blood circulation. As a response, the lymphatic system also becomes more efficient at reducing cholesterol.

  • Improves balance & coordination

Your body uses muscles mostly for balance and control of your body. This also results in improvements to your muscle tone, especially your core. It should also help with maintaining correct body posture. You will slouch much less and feel confident in your movement and balance. Your feeling for rhythm should also improve, as you will feel more in tune with your body. Coordination and fast, almost reflex-like movement will be more precise and very quick.
Your bone strength and density should also improve, as the regular but small stresses from trampolining force your body to strengthen your joints and bones.

impact on human body when jumping on trampoline

  • Improves muscle tone

As with any type of workout, trampolines influence your muscle tone. Not only that but as a type of “cellular exercise” trampolining moves all of them, effectively burning fat and building muscles. Of course, don’t forget to eat after exercise, as most of the intake will directly be used to build muscles.

  • Increases stamina and vitality

More and more you jump on the trampoline, more and more will you be capable of, all by speeding up your metabolism, resulting in increased calorie use for extended periods of time, even after you stop jumping. Basically, very similar to “HIIT” cardio exercises (HIIT stands for “High-Intensity Interval Training”).

  • Reduces stress and tension

Trampolining is great stress relief. It can help you unload all that negative energy you get during the day, as exercise stimulates the release of endorphins, also called ‘feel-good hormones’. Since it is more intense than many other exercises, you will reduce stress more easily. It will help you calm down; you will be more relaxed and will sleep better during the night. Some say there are cognitive benefits as well – trampolines help with blood flow to the brain and may help you think more clearly and concentrate better.

  • Fits in with your lifestyle & makes you feel great

By owning it, you can enjoy bouncing on a trampoline or mini trampoline at any desired time, so it easily adjusts to your daily routine. Also, when bouncing you will be detoxifying your body by excreting excess toxins and hormones, that are key to a healthy endocrine system.

self-improvement by jumping on trampolines

  • Weight loss

Trampoline burns up to 1000 calories per hour, proven fact over and over again, as it is considered cellular exercise, where every single cell in your body moves while jumping, using energy which body uses from fat deposits.

  • Injury reduction

Many of the same benefits as jogging, with less stress on weight-bearing joints. The “G” force, or effects of gravity in jogging, actually increases the impact on your feet and joints, to a value that is equivalent to four times your body weight. Rebounding distributes the forces linearly across your entire body, making it an excellent way of exercise for those with pain or previous sprains, by reducing stress on feet by 80%, providing a safe, effective way to exercise for older adults and those with certain physical challenges. The best part? You can do it in your backyard or within the privacy of your home, whenever you want to, all for a low cost.

Jumping on a trampoline is an exercise that will put your mind, body, and soul on a quest. Do not think it is easy because it is a trampoline and you mostly see children using them. It is considered to be a low-impact cellular exercise, where all forces are linearly distributed all over your body, making it one of the most beneficial body shaping exercises you can imagine.

Doesn’t matter if you are using a big rectangular trampoline, standard round trampoline, or just bouncing on a home mini trampoline and making those small controlled movements that are necessary for doing the proper workout. A workout that will make you sweat. And by that I really mean sweat.

If you have children using it, we recommend FUN trampoline games which will bring them hours of fun activity, and if you need a new trampoline check our reviews of the best trampolines for Season 2023