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ACON logoACON is a world-famous Finnish trampoline manufacturer. It’s almost a household name in Europe, and especially in Scandinavia, where its products have been on sale since 1996. The company also produces various other sports equipment, including hockey training equipment, sports tables, basketball hoops, etc.

All trampolines are designed in Finland by some of the most prolific engineers around and all are unique in their understated but quality design.

The company has been active on the US market since 2014 and has already won the hearts of many experts and users, quickly becoming recognizable brand within the World of Trampolines.

They can be reached toll free at +1 (866) 297-5234.

406 E 7th St Ste 300
Monticello, MN 55362,

USA Customer Care Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm (CST)
Phone: +1-866-297-5234
Acon USA, Inc.

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Airzone Jump
Airzone Jump logo

AirZone North America is a domestic drop-ship supplier, specialized in recreational game tables, backyard and fitness trampolines. Call them at 800-775-6524, Monday-Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM CDT, to resolve any issues that you might have. All parts are available domestically here in the US, and are ready to ship within 1-2 days of notification.

Ph: (800) 775-6524

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A.J. Landmark Trampolines

A J Landmark trampolines logo

Company founded in 1985, Boise, Idaho, manufacturer of All-American trampolines.
9901 Fairview Avenue
Boise, ID 83704 USA
Ph: (208) 322-4456 (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM)


Ancheer logo

Ancheer is a relatively unknown manufacturer of mostly exercise trampolines (rebounders). They also produce a variety of other exercise equipment and accessories. The company is a gem in the rough since their products competitively priced but well-made the same time, due to little brand recognition. That shouldn’t put you off, since they are well-known in the e-tailer circles, as most of their products are sold via online avenues including Amazon and eBay.

They can be contacted via e-mail at or at

Aqua Sports Technology Inc.

AquaSports logo

They are main manufacturer and distributor of Island Hopper water trampolines.

11859 Lakeshore North
Auburn, CA 95602
TEL: 1-800-893-9677 | 1-530-268-7310
FAX: 1-530-268-7786

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Avyna Inground
avyna logo

7110 Brookshire Drive
Dallas, Texas 75230
Phone/Fax 214 696 2157

Best American Trampolines

Best American Trampolines logo
4821 Grisham Drive,
Rowlett, TX 75088
Ph: 866.690.3272

Domijump Trampolines

Domijump logo

Domijump is the best trampoline manufacturer from China, with manufacturing company established since 2005. Domijump is a reputable and trustworthy company with production in Qidi Sports Equipment Co. Ltd.. With extensive years of experience, they are providing quality trampolines & other trampoline accessories.,Zhejiang, China
Ph: 0086 137 7732 3951

Eurotramp Trampolines
Eurotramp logo

Kurt Hack GmbH
Postbox 1146
Zeller Straße 17/1
73235 Weilheim / Teck
+49 (0) 7023 – 94950
+49 (0) 7023 – 949510

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ExacMe Trampolines

ExacMe logo

ExacMe is a true no-frills manufacturer for price-conscious users. However, they don’t skimp on quality or safety. It may not have all the bells and whistles of its more expensive competition, but its trampolines give you great bang for your buck.

The company was founded in 2011 and has offices in Portland, OR with a distribution center in Houston. Call them 1-888-678-3765 8:30AM-5PM (Central Time) Monday to Friday, or email at sales

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Fun Spot Trampoline
Funspot Trampolines logo

Company which began 40 years ago, in a small shop in Hatwell, Georgia. During four decades, they had experience with building trampolines and similar sports equipment, as ziplines, Ninja & Rope courses, and lately trampoline parks. Until now they can be commended for creation of more than 500 trampoline parks worldwide. They are one of the Founding members of International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP).

1321 East Franklin Street
Hartwell, GA 30643

Phone: 1-(800) 241-7134 / (706) 376-8989

Jumpflex USA

Jumpflex logoUS based company manufacturing trampolines from 2009, made it far from shed in USA, all the way to supporting 4 big markets (USA, UK, NZ, AUS. They are original pioneer of curved poles and curved net design, something that became their signature design and launched them into world of recognizable trampoline brands.

Email request, for general questions, order tracking or replacements available here.
Phone: +1(866)3057238


Jumpking logo

JumpKing is manufacturer with almost 50 years of experience in trampoline business. They own some well-known brands – Bazoongi, JumpPod, Orbounder.
3970 Lindbergh Drive
Addison, TX 75001
Ph: (866) 715-4640

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Jump Power

jump power logo

Established in 1977, Jump Power is Taiwanese family owned company, with primary focus on production of trampolines. They are serving quite a few areas, from USA, UK, Canada, Europe and Australia, becoming one of the World leaders in trampoline production, producing more than 80.000 units per month, within 3 factories around the globe.

As one of the best things about their trampolines is their look and unique style, something they can thank to Italian Design team with which they’ve partnered with, we can expect some visually appealing trampolines in the future..

JumpSport Inc.

jumpsport logo

This hugely successful trampoline company was founded in 1997 by Mark and Valerie Publicover. Two years prior to that, the couple experienced an accident which involved their best friend’s child, who injured herself playing on their trampoline.

They immediately got to work and went on to design a trampoline with their own proprietary Trampoline Court™ safety enclosure. Their goal was to create an affordable trampoline enclosure that people will be happy to use.

Another accident in 1998 led them to design trampoline beds that absorb more force and put less stress on the jumpers. This reduces the impact forces and the likelihood of injuries.

They also own AlleyOOP brand, makers of high-end recreational trampolines, all by using new patented systems and tech.
AlleyOOP logo

Their products can be found at various online and brick and mortar retailers, and have also appeared on Good morning America and Reality Remodel on TLC. They can be contacted by phone at 1-888-567-5867, Mon-Fri 9AM-8PM EST.
2055 South 7th Street, Suite A
San Jose, CA 95112

Ph:  (888) 567-5867
Fx:  (408) 213-2930

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Kangaroo Hoppers

kangaroo hoppers logo

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KidWise Outdoors logoKidWise Outdoor Products, Inc.
1280 Old Alpharetta Road, Alpharetta GA 30005
P (770) 360-9919 • F (770) 346-0595
Magic Circle Trampolines has produced quality trampolines for over 35 years in the small town of Cusseta, Georgia. Their mission is to provide a high quality trampoline that will ensure many years of enjoyment and, if required, dependable service and replacement parts.

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Little Tikes


Merax Trampolines

Merax logo

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Rave Sports

Wait, water trampolines? You bet! Behold, the company who created the trend. Rave Sports is the world’s original designer and manufacturer of the inflatable water trampoline. Over time, the company expanded into producing other, more conventional water sports equipment.

The company was founded in September 1996 with a goal to introduce alternative sports equipment onto the market. The company soon acquired Sun Kat and Aqua Toys International, important manufacturers of electric boats and water trampolines. Innovations soon followed, and thus the water trampoline became a famous product instead of a niche offering. Its Aqua Jump Eclipse models can be found on the beaches, lakes and water parks all over the country.

The company expanded several times since then by purchasing other manufacturers and introducing products such as water skis, wakeboards, water slides and float lines, among others. Currently their top priority is expanding into the winter sport market as well. Contact them toll-free at 800-659-0790.

Rebound Fitness
Rebound fitness logo


Skybound logo

Skybound was founded in 2009 as a manufacturer of premium trampolines with a mission statement of “Nurturing the inner-child in all of us by uniting communities worldwide and promoting an active lifestyle.” They help achieve that by offering good fitness products and solid customer service. Since 2014, SkyBound has grown their outdoor play accessories & trampoline line across USA. The USA-based company is headquartered in Santa Ana, CA.

The company is rather committed to innovation and has secured several patents for its Orion, Atmos, Stratos and Cirrus trampolines.

The company is very active in the community and frequently donates equipment to charitable causes and various events. You can call them at 888-891-4689 or shoot them an e-mail at
(888) 891-4689
Monday through Friday (8:00am to 5:00pm PST)
1431 W. Collins Ave. Orange, CA 92867

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SkyWalker Trampolines

skywalker logoWho’s Skywalker Trampolines? It’s a company that was created in 2004 with a belief that trampolines can be made in a safe manner. Their trampolines are often very innovative and well-priced at the same time and we often recommend them.

They are known for creating a gap-free enclosure system that increases overall security. Their trampolines also use T-joints that help improve stability, while the PVC parts come with UV resistant coating on all trampolines. All their trampolines meet the ASTM/TÜV standards. SkyWalker holdings have been in trampoline business for more than 35 years. In that time, they came to close of perfection when it comes to quality of their trampolines. They still have room for progress, but why struggle when competition is inert.

You can purchase their products from most reputable retailers thanks to their wide network of sellers.  If you require Skywalker replacement parts, you’ll have to contact them directly at 866-603-JUMP (5867) from 8am to 5pm. Make sure to have order details or trampoline part number!
Ph: 1-866-603-5867

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Springfree Trampolines

springfree logo

Springfree is a story of a single man on a mission with a brilliant idea. It is the brainchild of Dr Keith Alexander, a mechanical engineer who considered the then-existing trampolines to be too unsafe and went on to develop his own design.

It took the Kiwi engineer 5 years to perfect a prototype, from 1992 to 1997. He partnered with Steve Holmes and turned the prototype into a workable product. Thus, in 2003, the first Springfree Trampoline was born! Just a year later, the company expanded into Australia and Canada, with the US and the UK coming soon afterwards. Springfree now operates in 15 countries and employs over 300 people and manufactures multiple shapes of springless trampolines.

Its trampolines have won numerous ‘Product of the Year’ titles and are widely considered among the safest trampolines around. The trampolines don’t have metal springs but use reinforced glass-plastic rods. In 2015, they launched the world’s first Smart trampoline that uses their proprietary tgoma gaming system.

So far, we haven’t seen a bad Springfree trampoline and we don’t think we ever will. Thumbs up to Mr Alexander!

They can be reached at +1 877 586-7723 (US), +1800 586 722 (AU) and 01276 47761 (UK).
7100 Warden Avenue, Unit 3
Markham, Ontario L3R 8B5 Canada
Ph: (905) 948-0124 or (866) 899-7370
Fx: (905) 948-0016

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stamina trampolines

Ph: 1-800-375-7520

Stamina Products Inc. was founded in year 1987. and from the beginning they focused to supply quality equipment and value to the fitness markets.

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Sundance Trampolines
Sundance trampolines
1358 Seymour Street
Vancouver, B,C,
V6B 3P3
Ph: Canada: 1.604.683.4331

Super-Fun Sports Inc.
Superfunsports logo

Box 397
Chilliwack, B.C.
Canada, V2P 6J7
Ph: (800) 663-2261
(888) 327-9356
SUPER-FUN has been making quality trampolines for over 20 years. Many of our original trampolines are still in use today!

Texas Trampolines

Texas Trampolines logo
1105 Industrial Park
Gonzales, Texas 78629
Ph: 1.800.700.5887

The Original Toy Company

Tramp Master Inc.
Trampmaster logo
1865 W. 12th Avenue
Denver, CO  80204
Ph: (800) 553.1402
Fx: (303) 572.1409

Ultega Trampolines

Ultega logo

Ultega trampolines is a brand from German company Summary GmbH, recently merged with Vocke Industries Group, GmbH. They are producing exclusive products, from idea to production, and are covering a large range of different niches, from sports and fitness to fashion & lifestyle.

Summary USA Inc.
Suite 304
372 West Ontario Street
IL 60654 Chicago

Hotline: 888 278 6970

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Upper Bounce Trampolines
Upperbounce logo

Skytric is a sister brand which is, according to their words: “producing upgraded and improved trampolines”. Then again, if you check branded trampolines under Skytric brand, you’ll notice that there is no huge difference between them. Springs, mat (in terms of quality) and frame are the same on UpperBounce 14ft and Skytric 15ft, with only enclosure and padding being better on latter one . In some way, it is improved, but size also dictates which materials to be used.

Phone: 1.888.965.3331

Vikan Trampolines
Vikan logo
2542 Badger Road
North Vancouver, B.C.
V7G 2R5
Ph: 1.800.276.1621
Home Office: 604.980.4645

Vuly Trampolines

Vuly logoVuly is an Australian trampoline company founded in 2007 with the goal of creating quality, innovative trampolines. So far, they have succeeded, especially with their springless trampolines they are so renowned for. The most popular (and widely seen) model is their high-end Thunder trampoline, which is imposing both in its size and price. Luckily, there are several more affordable options available.

The company has gone global. It operates in several countries and continents, and so Vuly trampolines are available in several countries around the world. They come with excellent customer service and feature build quality which is among the best around. Vuly models usually aren’t the cheapest around, but the longevity does pay off.

Vuly units are usually instantly recognizable and their feature set is at least a notch above the run of the mill trampolines. They may not always represent the best-buy option, but with Vuly, you most certainly buy a peace of mind, knowing nothing will break as easily.

Lex Distributing – A Family Leisure Company
Telephone: 317-606-0977
Contact Center Hours: Mon – Fri: 9:00am – 7:00pm (EST)

For warranty claims you will need photos of actual issues and receipt. Warranty claim request can be sent here.

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zupapa logo

Email them via contact form here.
EXL 3113 Glenfield Ave.
Dallas, Texas, 75233