Parts of Trampoline

The trampoline is made of…

A trampoline is a piece of outdoor play equipment that can last you a very long time. If you still haven’t tried jumping on trampolines I think it’s about time. After you will try, I guarantee you will love it. They can be used for pure entertainment. The fun side of this is that you will be exercising in the process.

The first thing to make things easier for new trampoline owners is to learn what parts trampoline has. This way, in case of a breakup, you should be able to pinpoint the problem immediately.

There are some essential and non-essential trampoline parts that you make want to make yourself familiar with. The essential components of a trampoline include the frame, springs, and mat. Without these, there is no way the trampoline could function.

Trampoline Frame:

The very foundation of every trampoline is the frame. It consists of horizontal and vertical legs with a top rail. It is an important part as it keeps the stability of the trampoline. It can be found with 4 legs in medium-size and 5-6 legs on larger trampolines. The framing of the trampoline is commonly made of heavy gauge steel.

The frame is the part of the trampoline-like that will likely last the longest. In fact, most manufacturers provide a ten-year or lifetime warranty on the frame. If the warranty has already expired and your trampoline frame needs repair, trampoline frame parts are difficult to come by. You may end up having to replace the entire frame which is of all replacement parts hardest to get. That`s why everyone would suggest you buy a trampoline from a branded company that mostly has spare parts to sell.

trampoline frame

I would advise you to check for structure breakages regularly as this is dangerous and could mean serious injuries.

Trampoline Springs:

Trampoline springs are also a very important element of trampoline safety and performance.

Without springs, your trampoline wouldn’t be very much fun. They are responsible for the bounce you experience when jumping on your trampoline.

Springs vary in length depending on your trampoline, so be sure to get the right size when you need to replace them. Trampoline springs can be made from several materials, from steel to electric straps or even fiberglass rods like on Springfree Inc Trampolines.

There is a large selection of lengths, and there is a rule – the longer, the better.

If nothing else, a few extra springs are something you should have at home. While some companies send at least a couple extra, 90% of them do not, and springs are crucial for overall performance.

Check springs regularly, and if it doesn’t bounce back to their original form, you should instantly replace them.

Trampoline Mat:

Trampoline mat is the most used part of your trampoline.  It is another critical trampoline part. The trampoline mat is typically made of woven polypropylene or waterproof canvas fabric. The fabric is very strong.

To take the best care of your mat, it is a good idea to purchase a trampoline cover to protect it, and the rest of the trampoline from the weather, including damaging UV rays. One of the places you are likely to see wear on your trampoline mat is the stitching.

The stitching usually has a UV coating to protect it from damage, but this will eventually wear off. Ideal and quality mats usually feel smooth under your feet and are never hard to jump on. They come in different sizes, mostly in  8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 15ft… This is one of the parts you should spend the most money on, and here we will always recommend Permatron.

trampoline frame with mat connected

Trampoline Pads:

Trampoline pads cover the springs and the outer frame of your trampoline. They provide a cushion if someone were to fall on either the springs or frame. That is why the only thing you expect from them is to be soft – and in color you love.

The pads are one of the parts you will need to replace most often, as they experience a lot of wear. They can be found in most trampoline replacement parts shops, including, etc.

trampoline padding

Trampoline Net / Enclosure:

Trampoline enclosure installment is an easy way to prevent injury on a trampoline. The net encloses the trampoline and prevents users from falling off, which is the leading cause of injury when using a trampoline. Replacement enclosures can be bought separately, so always check for parts availability.

Never let your child jump on a trampoline without a security net.

trampoline enclosure

Trampoline Ladder:

Having a trampoline ladder is an easy way to increase the usability of your trampoline. It makes it much easier to access the trampoline, especially for toddlers and smaller children, due to a fact that entrance on most outdoor trampolines is approx. 4 ft high.

trampoline ladder