Ultimate 4×4 by EuroTramp – Competition Trampoline!

Ultimate 4×4 by Eurotramp – Is This Best Competition Trampoline Ever Made?

Official competition trampoline of the November 2013 World Championship in Sofia and WTC 2014 in Daytona Beach.


This impressive state of the art piece of trampolining equipment has outstanding improvements in almost all important aspects: durability, usability, safety and stability. Tried and tested by many of the world´s best gymnasts and the friendly support of Rebound Products (Dave Ross), the Ultimate is a huge step forward in trampoline design. It was selected as competition trampoline for the World Championships 2013 in Sofia, World Trampoline Championships 2014 in Daytona Beach (Nov. 7-9), and Odense World Championship 2015.



The most important features of Ultimate 4×4:

  • 200% more stiffness of the legs, which gives an outstanding stability to the frame
  • More security due to the complete new frame construction with laser-cut parts
  • Superb balance of frame flexibility and stiffness (high-tech steel of supreme quality)
  • “Twin-brace Easy Lock system” to set-up the trampoline much more easily
  • “Ultimate” springs for optimum dynamics and longevity
  • Available with 32mm or 50mm thick padding
  • “Ultimate”-Kit for old safety tables to make them compatible (no need to buy new safety tables)

Ultimate 4×4 field of application: Competition & Training

Ultimate 4×4 trampoline price: $12,500

Surely this trampoline is enrichment for rectangular trampoline family offered by this German company.

Interested in prices of Eurotramp trampolines? Click here to download their pricelist. It is two years old but it will be valuable insight of the price range. And I`m sure that prices didn`t change a lot.

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